“Heartfelt and thought-provoking.” – Laura vanZandt of One Girl Two Cities

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“A riveting, wide-ranging, devised solo show that explores sexual assault and more.” – Hanne Appelbaum of Twin Cities Arts Reader

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Listen to the creators of I Killed the Cow talk with WGN Radio. While performing in Chicago, Larissa & Leia sat down with Patti Vasquez to talk about the show.

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“In essence, the development process was a large lesson in trust. Trusting others with your ideas, and trusting yourself that your ideas have potential. Just because you didn’t score your first time up at bat doesn’t mean you don’t have the potential to be Jeter. (I don’t know much about baseball, but if my comparing I Killed the Cow to Derek Jeter makes you want to see the show, then my work here is done.)”

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Larissa & Leia sat down with KGNU Radio in Boulder, Colorado.

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“Broadway World Detroit Award Winner, Larissa Marten is thrilled to be bringing her one-woman show, I KILLED THE COW, to New York. After the world premier performance in Ann Arbor last April and a sold out show at Theatre Row, the show is being performed again at Theatre Row on October 20th.”

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“When asked what she hopes audiences will leave feeling, Marten thought for a minute before answering. ‘I would hope that they lose a little bit of fear. Yeah. I’ll leave it at that.”

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