Audience Response


Ruth Smerling, Chicago correspondent for TheatreWorld Internet Magazine

“New York performer Larissa Marten performs a one-woman show that is part Dr. Seuss, part Gertrude Stein and nearly Shakespearean, chronicling a debilitating sexual assault and how she finds the inner strength to rise above it.  I am not a fan of utilizing artistic expression as either therapy or to assuage nightmares or try to justify a disturbing incident. I Killed the Cow spares the self-indulgence and drills into the core of a traumatized individual until they have no choice but to fight off their own demons.

As Larissa Marten, under the direction of Leia Squillace, touches on her inner, vicious cheetah, and the bitter memories surface, she moves quickly from assault victim to lecturer to warrior.  She is the quintessential young woman learning the hard way about what is real and what is romance, catapulting into a place where all that is unpleasant becomes tolerable filed away under life lessons.”

“Such a refreshing performance on sexual harassment.” – Kelly Fielder

“The show is well-crafted and intelligent, funny and moving: superb theater from an expert performer.” – Jamie Brickhouse

“Holy wow. Raw and important – this will be with me for a long time.” – Anonymous

“l was pulled in from start to finish – do not miss this show!” – Jamie Shriner

“Larissa definitely has stage presence. When she walks on the stage, she owns it.” – Corrie Fielder

“Amazing! Very powerful and intimate. I’ll still be thinking of this show long after the festival is over.” – Anonymous

“This show reminds us how good solo performance can be.” – Robert Hubbard